Why Headshots Are Important

Headshot photography is a big part of my business, having done about 1,000 in each of the past two years both in my studio and on location. For all the companies and individuals who count themselves among my clients, I still see too many LinkedIn profiles, websites and even business cards sporting headshots that are not only technically inferior but downright awful. Why that persists in the age of global online presence is amazing, but it doesn’t have to be the case for you.

A good headshot offers a glimpse into who you are, what kind of personality or character you exude, and frankly is typically your first and best opportunity to make you and your business stand out in an inexpensive way. I remember a call I got a few years ago from the wife of a new business owner; she asked how much for a headshot for her husband’s new website and when I told her I would do a discounted $99 rate for one image to get him started she replied that they didn’t have the money for just a headshot. He probably spent thousands on his new business venture, whatever it was, but I wonder if he’s still around. How many people do you do business with not because they are the cheapest, but because you trust them? Your first chance to earn that trust with strangers is to present a professional but approachable image when they search online.

I’ve seen glamour shots, selfies taken in the car or kitchen, even cropped out faces from what was obviously a family photo used as a “professional” headshot. Likewise, I see company directories that have a multitude of poses/backdrops/lighting so there isn’t any cohesive look and feel. Good images are more important than you think, and it isn’t that difficult or expensive to hire a professional to create a photo worthy of you and your business. You deserve that. Make the investment!

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