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Studio Info

ALT Imagery Studio​

ALT Imagery is a photography studio located in Evanston, Illinois at the corner of Greenwood Street and Dodge Avenue. The 2,000 square foot studio is perfect for photographing groups or individuals, and features a customer lounge area, full make up counter, a full kitchen and bath plus a client meeting area.

Our beautiful studio features sample portraits from headshots, fashion and beauty shoots and even some of Jerry’s published fine art and award-winning images. Most of our business clients and models prefer digital images over prints, but we take the same level of pride and care in providing those as we do for our fine art prints.

Although the studio is a perfect year round venue a lot of our work is done on-site at our client’s business, or on location throughout the country for conventions, association meetings, or corporate branding assignments.

ALT Imagery offers a full service approach to your photographic needs, whether it be a professional headshot (we do over 1,000 per year), commercial fashion or product photography, or event coverage for industry conferences, corporate meetings, or other special events.